Baggage Loader from Phuket Steals Bluetooth Speaker, Caught on Camera

Whenever we travel, we entrust our baggage to the airport management and expect them to guard our things and keep them safe from thieves. Unfortunately, one airport personnel was caught taking advantage of a traveler’s baggage.

A baggage loader named Abdullah Hayee Mayeh, 27, was caught red-handed at Phuket International Airport after he was seen going through the passengers’ baggage.

Image: News Portal

CCTV Footage shows that he was trying to open the luggage of a passenger of Jetstar Airways flight at Bay 15 at Phuket International Airport while loading the luggage onto the aircraft parked on the tarmac. At first, he denied the allegations, but after the police showed the footage, he confessed and returned the Bluetooth speaker he had stolen to the public service department of the airport so it can return to its rightful owner.

Image: News Portal

Furthermore, the 2-minute-40-second video went viral and made netizens furious of his unacceptable deed. He was taken to the Saku Police Station for further investigation and has been charged with robbery.

Image: The Nation

As travelers, we should always keep in mind to handle our personal belongings with caution. Our personal and important things must always be close to our body because we never know when will criminals attack and take advantage of us.

We do hope that this incident won’t happen again and  Abdullah should face the necessary sanction.

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