bait dog past till recovery

Bait Dog Got Rescued and is Now Happy, Making a Slow Recovery

An old homeless dog was found in Texas. Reports claimed that the dog lives beside an old armchair.  There, he would stay from day till night.  The only times that he would leave his home is when he looks for food in the nearby trashcan.  But, he would eventually return to the same old spot.

bait dog 1
Image by The Dodo

People in the neighborhood noticed how the dog was living, but no one has the heart to help him.   One day, someone took some photos of the old dog and put it in a Facebook page.  He then captioned the photos with:

bait dog 2
Image by The Dodo

“Can anyone rescue? My mom said he’s roamed around here for a while. He has very bad mange to the point that he looks bloody. He is also very skinny.”

bait dog 3
Image by The dodo

Thankfully someone found the photos and had immediately taken an action.  She was Leslie Ysuhuaylas, a Texas-based volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, an organization dedicated to rescuing neglected and suffering animals.  She then sent a volunteer to the area to look for the poor old dog.

When they found her, the old dog was suffering from anemia, dehydration, mange, fleas and cataracts.  But, that is not even the worst part since the dog’s teeth has been filed down, which suggest that the animal was a bait dog.

According to Wikipedia, dog-baiting is an act where a game dog would attack an animal that has been chained. Of course, it is illegal, but some people makes money from that kind of illegal sport.

They have given the dog a name and called him Duke.  Everyone did their part to help the poor old dog.  He was cared for in the clinic within a month.  Slowly, the dog makes a recovery.

bait dog recovery
Image by The Dodo

Ysuhuaylas visits him at the clinic whenever she has free time and it seems that Duke is happier now.

bait dog recovery 3
Image by The Dodo

“Duke was lucky to have been found by a concerned volunteer.  Other dogs that shared the same fate wasn’t lucky as they are being put out of their misery,” says Derby Shire Times.