Baker with Down Syndrome Who Keeps Getting Rejected by Bakeries, Gains Success after Opening Own Shop!

At age 15, Collette Divitto loves to bake so much that she thought of sharing her passion to others by working in a bakery but every one that she applied to only rejected her, telling her that her cooking was great but not a good fit for them. It’s probably because she has Down syndrome.

Some families would have sued these bakeries for discrimination while others might just feel bitter but Collette did not let those rejections put her down for life.

She did feel sad that none of the bakeries accepted her application. She said, “It was really hurtful and I felt rejected a lot.

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But she would soon decide to open her own bakery! If none of those bakeries would accept her as baker, perhaps she was meant for grander opportunities, right? Well, she was correct!

With the support of her parents, Collette opened her own shop – and it was all uphill from there!

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Soon after Collettey’s opened, they received an order from Boston’s Golden Goose Market. The neighborhood grocer loved Collette’s products so much that they would soon make a recurring order. Pretty soon, Collettey’s became a popular shop – and I bet the other bakeries in the locality are regretting they did not hire Collette because she has now become one of their toughest competitors!

Orders increased further when Collette was featured on a CBS coverage in December 2016 – so much that she had 10,000 orders to fill afterwards! She even takes online deliveries now!

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Collette said with a smile, “My biggest success so far is how big my company is growing, which means I can start hiring people with and without disabilities.

Her mom, Rosemary Alfredo, was the proudest person, of course. She said, “I never raised her looking at her as if she had limitations. I just said, ‘We all have them. We all have things we’re good at, and we all have things we’re not good at.’ You can call them disabilities. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. We don’t focus on that.

Isn’t this wonderful?