Balut and Other Bizarre Food that People Actually Love to Eat

There is an abundance of fruits and meat to eat in many parts of the world yet even in the richest regions, people tend to enjoy weird delicacies that could look quite disgusting to outsiders who are not used to these types of food.

The Philippines is one of the places where many of these weird but delicious (well, the locals claim these are yummy!) food are readily available for brave tourists to try. A favorite among many locals, many of these food varieties are even sold as street food or served in fancy restaurants!

Balut, a delicacy made from boiled duck egg containing an embryo, is one of the top favorite delicacies in the Philippines and is consistently considered to be among the world’s most disgusting or weirdest foods.

But aside from the balut, there are also other food that are viewed as disgusting (by most cultures) yet are eaten by people. Yucky or not, these foods are a favorite among the locals, in whatever locality or country these items are from.

You can check out some of these icky food in the list made by Wacky Wednesday on YouTube: