BBC Dad’s Cute Daughter Steals Show Again — at Press Conference about How She Stole His Spotlight in Live Interview!

The internet can’t get enough of 4-year-old Marion Kelly, the adorable daughter of college professor Robert Kelly whose live BBC interview she crashed last week.

Dad Robert was doing a live interview on BBC over the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye due to corruption scandals when Marion barged in and curiously peered into the camera, not knowing that her dad was talking about a very serious matter.

Her 8-month-old brother also entered the room, much to the horror of their mom Kim Jung-A who slid into the room like a ninja and took the reluctant kids as fast as she could.

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While it was probably a nightmare moment that no professional would ever wish to happen in his/her life, the internet was more forgiving on this one – and the professor’s family quickly went viral! People loved how the kids stole the limelight from their dad’s big moment on BBC, and enjoyed how their mom reacted.

But it seems that Marion wasn’t finished stealing her dad’s limelight. During a press conference held at her dad’s university in Busan, South Korea to talk about the incident, the little girl had an adorably bored expression as she sat beside her dad.

Her fans were not disappointed – for she stole her daddy’s thunder again! At one point, she sucked on a lollipop as dad entertained questions from the press; then, the bored but rather well-behaved girl laid her head on the table, seemingly unfazed by all the attention she was getting.

True enough, minutes after the press conference ended, lots of hilarious memes made rounds on social media about Marion’s demeanor during the event. Adam Johnson joked, “Citizens of Earth. Bow to your new overlord.

Meanwhile, David Llewellyn tweeted, “If she isn’t President of Earth by the time I’m 80, I’ll be bitterly disappointed.

Isn’t she adorable?

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