Beautiful as ever: Here’s 41-year-old Meteor Garden star Barbie Hsu’s recent shoot

Were you a fan of the actress who played Shan Cai in Meteor Garden less than two decades ago? The 41-year-old Taiwanese actress just shared a video from one of her most recent projects.

Images via @kimchifangirl and @hsushiyuan’s Instagram accounts

On Instagram, Barbie Hsu uploaded videos of her recent shoot for Elle Taiwan.

The videos clearly show how Hsu remained as beautiful as ever. Many fans are delighted seeing the post; saying that they missed the iconic actress who became famous in and out of Taiwan when she started being one of the Meteor Garden lead stars.

“Everlasting beauty,” commented @okkyrulis.

“Shancai still young,” said @xxvagdragon.

“Super beautiful, Barbie. I love you!” @zynergy42 stated.

“We missed you, Shan Chai!” wrote @ichiyonogara.

“Missing you Shan Chai!” @citadelzkie expressed.


Care for a throwback vid?