Beautiful Nameless Beach in Japan is Made up of Recycled Glass Bottles

Did you know that Japan has a beautiful glass beach; however, it doesn’t have a name?

Image by mik_o3 via Instagram

Japan has a new way to recycle garbages into a better purpose.

The beach is part of Morizono Park that shows a lovely view of Omura Bay. Based on the pictures, it looks like an ordinary beach but as you get closer, you would see that the sand is made from recycled glass but guaranteed safe to touch and walk on because their edges are rounded.

Image: Oddity Central

Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed on the beach probably because Omura City is working on restoring the water of the bay.

According to SoraNews24, a few years back, the magical place was an uninviting rocky place that would always become covered in algae during summer. The algae then would start to decompose and would drive people away because of its horrible smell so authorities thought of a different way to prevent the algae from growing and that is to cover the beach with pulverized recycled glass.

Image by hisaboh1022 via Instagram

Later, it became a beautiful tourist attraction you can’t compare the tranquility of this place with grassy field and palm trees, this is a perfect place for family picnics and romantic getaways.

Soon enough, this beach won’t remain nameless for much longer.

What do you think about this amazing beach concept?