Woman Goes Viral for Looking Beyond Physical Appearance and Money

They say that ‘love is blind’ but such saying is more profound when one of the couple has physical challenges or something that makes him/her physically different in the eyes of the public.

A couple in Thailand is turning heads, mostly because the man has a contorted appearance while the woman was quite a looker.

Photo credit: Naija

Boonmee Khanthong and Phatsara Obnak got married last April 15 in a ceremony held at a village in village in Surin province, Thailand.

Boonmee’s condition is due to broken capillaries when he was younger. While his parents tried getting his condition treated, they were so poor that they could not afford the trips to the hospital in Bangkok and the mounting medical bills.

Due to this, many of the villagers never thought that Boonmee would ever get married.

Well, Phatsara looked beyond Boonmee’s face.

Photo credit: Naija

So, how did they meet?

Boonmee has been helping his sister sell papaya salad from house to house when he met the 23-year-old Phatsara in Hat Chai City. He fell in love with the young lady but with him looking different, would she even consider loving him back?

Against all odds, Phatsara did fall in love with Boonmee. Perhaps, just like Belle of “Beauty and the Beast”, she looked beyond his appearance and reached into his heart.

Phatsara has a child from a previous marriage and Boonmee treats the kid as his own.

Photo credit: Naija

Still, a lot of people are skeptical about their relationship, with many ******* them on social media. But she’s definitely not in it for the money as Boonmee is a papaya salad vendor.

This could really be true love! Those netizens are just bitter…