Beauty-Conscious Malaysian Woman Suffers Bulging Face from Using Beauty Cream She Purchased Online

Achieving a younger-looking and flawless skin can’t be done overtime. It takes months of undergoing a beauty regimen that works well with an individual considering one’s skin sensitivity, texture, and condition.

The beauty product’s quality should also be looked into as skin varies from one person to another when it comes to adverse reactions such as allergies, swelling, redness, itchiness, and pain.

A 36-year-old woman named Mastura Abu Bakar who works in a clothing boutique is really a beauty enthusiast. She’s using a beauty regimen which she claims made her face smooth and beautiful.

When she fully consumed the beauty cream she was using, she knows she has to purchase a new one. Luckily, she found the product being sold online so she ordered right away.

Photo: The Star

One day, Mastura noticed that her face was beginning to swell. Her skin started to become reddish, itchy, and painful. As her cheeks were swollen, she found it hard to open her eyes which created so much discomfort for her.

Photo: The Star

Mastura was wondering why it happened when she used the same product for several times which she claimed made her skin smooth and beautiful. But then, she realized, the last one that she used was bought online and she wasn’t sure if it has the same quality with the one she bought from a store.

“I had used the same product several times and saw differences in my skin which became more smooth and beautiful. But once I used the product purchased on Thursday, my face swelled up on Saturday. Because of the pain, I went to the clinic near my home and was given medicine. I was referred to the skin specialist in Hospital Melaka.”

Unfortunately, she can’t join her friends over the weekend for a holiday trip because of her swollen face.  She also shared she had been traumatized by her experience.

According to an Aesthetic medicine doctor, Dr. Aidil Azry Datuk Mokhtar, people should be cautious in purchasing and using beauty products which promise instant results such as whitening creams.

He said most often, those products contain harsh chemicals such as mercury, hydroquinone, tretinoin, acidazelaic and betamethasone which causes the skin to become thinner and sensitive; thus, it may lead to skin ******.

Photo: Kodok Info

In fact, Dr. Mokhtar shared that recently, he had 20 cases related to skin problems caused by cosmetics that are not approved by the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, the product which Mastura used will be brought to the Ministry of Health for testing and assessment.

Because of her experience, Mastura cautions other ladies not to be obsessed with becoming beautiful.  She claimed that inner beauty is what really matters most.

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