Because Hospital Won’t Accept Her, Pregnant Teen Gives Birth on the Street

A 17-year-old mother from India had no other choice but to give birth to her baby daughter on the street as a nearby hospital refused to take her in and provide medical care as she goes into labor.

The teenager was spotted by a resident of Saraikela Kharsawan district cradling her baby girl with the umbilical cord still attached between them. The mother’s dress was also soaked with blood. She was so weak that she could not even move to the other side of the road.

Image from Hindustan Times

Local residents formed roadblocks to protect the mother and the child from moving vehicles. They also sought the assistance of the local hospital but they got irritated by the response of its staff. Apparently, the medical staff will need to secure permission from their boss and the teenager’s parents before they could take her in. However, the girl has no guardian nor companion as her family shunned her away after she got pregnant to avoid damaging their reputation.

The hospital even told the villagers that there is no available ambulance to fetch the mother and her child so they have to arrange for their transportation. So the local residents rented an auto rickshaw to bring the mother and the child to Chandil Sub Divisional Hospital.

Image from Hindustan Times

Reports said that the teenager had been living on the streets for quite a few months now since her boyfriend abandoned her and her family turned away from her.

The mother and the child are now in stable condition in a women shelter in Jharkhand. Hospital officials said that they will conduct an investigation following the incident at the medical center.