Because Son is Too Busy at Work, This Mom Travels Hundreds of Miles to the City to Bring His Favorite Food

A lot of us are bound to our jobs by sets of rules that mean we couldn’t just take a leave anytime we want to, even if the occasion is something special such as a family reunion.

Even if we plan ahead so we can take a leave for that day, there are times when there are just urgent matters in the office to attend to – or the boss just wouldn’t let you go, especially if your leave credits have been used up.

Such could be the reason of the six children of an old couple, all of whom were unable to return home for the family reunion on China’s Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival, the time when families often gather together to celebrate the occasion with a feast.

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But one mom who also had a similar problem with her son decided not to be passive about the situation; instead of moping at home and celebrating by herself, she decided to travel to the city to bring him his favorite food and celebrate the feast with him there!

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

Xiao Fei has been working in Beijing, China for 5 years; though he travels north to Shanxi Province each year to join the family reunion on Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival. This year was different, however, because for some reason, he couldn’t make it home to attend the festivities.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

While it saddened his family, Xiao’s mom decided to bring the festivities to him, instead. She baked his favourite mooncakes and packed these in a suitcase along with Xiao’s other favorite food, such as walnuts and peanuts.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

Then, this loving mother traveled hundreds of miles to the big city so she could personally deliver this delicious stash to her son who was so amazed by what she did that he took to social media to share photos of his lovely mom and her suitcase filled with food!

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

As expected, social media went abuzz over these photos, saying he was one lucky guy and she was such a great mother. Considering Xiao is already working, he could have easily just gotten himself some mooncakes from the store but mom wanted him to have his favourite handmade mooncakes – and he definitely loved it!