Because Their Dogs were Naughty, a Couple Ended Up Winning the $14.5M Lottery Jackpot

A couple in Airdrie, Alberta (Canada) couldn’t believe that their naughty dogs would become instrumental in their winning $14.5 million from a Lotto 6/49 ticket they bought while buying cleaning supplies because the canines trashed their home.

Christian and Monique Etienne narrated how their dogs made a mess on their carpet after digging into a package of baking mix. Although they didn’t punish the dogs, of course, the couple had to buy some cleaning supplies to take care of the mess.

Christian headed to the Petro Canada on Crossiron Blvd in Balzac to rent a carpet cleaner. While there, he also picked up a lottery ticket, something he usually does every week.

Little did he know that this ticket would bring them good fortune! A few days after buying the ticket, he found out it held the winning numbers!

Photo credit: The Canadian Press/Calgary Herald
Photo credit: The Canadian Press/Calgary Herald

Christian and Monique are now living in “Cloud 9” over the good fortune – and thinking of rewarding their dogs handsomely for being naughty because they wouldn’t have picked up that specific ticket if the dogs didn’t mess up their carpet. Talk about a misfortune turning into a huge fortune!

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