Beggar Boy Gets Adopted after Emotional Photo of Him Crying and Praying for a Sick Woman Goes Viral

In life, there will always be people who are in much better or in far worse situation than you are in; thus, it is best not take pity on yourself and feel helpless. As the famous poem ‘Desiderata’ suggests, “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Indeed, that saying is true!

Take for example a young beggar boy who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Little John Thuo is an orphan boy who took to begging in the streets even at a young age.

One day, while he was begging, he chanced upon a car ridden by Gladys Kamende, a woman suffering from a rare medical condition that requires her to be connected to an oxygen tank or else she would die.

Kamende narrated, “I was in a car in Thika with friends trying to create awareness on my condition, to get well-wishers to help me with the amount of money needed for my surgery. And this is when the boy came to our car asking for money.

Photo credit: NTD TV

Upon learning of Kamende’s terrible situation, Thuo realized that even if he is very poor and an orphan, he still has a better life than the lady! Touched by the woman’s plight, Thuo cried and prayed for her. The two held hands while the young lad earnestly prayed, with tears streaming down his face.

Then, knowing that Kamende needed every single shilling she can collect, Thuo gave her the 100 shillings (less than $1) he received from begging that day! It was Kamende’s turn to cry – for this boy just gave her everything he had!

Kamende accepted the donation, brought the boy to an orphanage, and promised the boy she would help him someday when her situation gets better – but they didn’t have to wait long.

Someone had snapped a photo of heartwarming moment and posted it on social media with details about their situation. Within four days, netizens were able to raise 3 million shillings ($29,000) for Kamende’s medical needs! She didn’t forget her promise to Thuo. She has now adopted him.

This was certainly good karma for the beggar boy!

Here’s Kamende’s sad story: