Behind the scene video of mothers convincing kids to smile for the camera goes viral

  • Pictures of kids wearing matching outfits while they smile for the camera are adorable but how relatives came up with that photo is another story
  • A behind the scene video of a family trying to get the kids to smile for the camera is being talked about on social media
  • Mothers of some of the children went as far as wearing unicorn and gorilla costumes just to get the perfect picture for their mother’s Christmas card

Photos of kids wearing matching outfits for Christmas are cute, but what we did not see is how their parents struggled to make them smile, make them look at the camera, or how they managed to keep them in one position.

Image capture of video shared by Good Morning America

This is exactly what Troyer family went through in order to get the picture perfect shot of six children in the family—Abby Eichner, 1, Carter Daum, 4, Hudson Daum, 2, Ben Stockburger, 3, Luke Eichner, 3 and Sophie Stockburger, 3.

“We line up the kids at Thanksgiving every year for my mom’s Christmas card picture. She currently has six grandchildren and has made it a tradition to buy them matching Christmas PJs, line them up, and get a good photo for her Christmas card,” Carrye Daum said.

The kids aged one to four are naturally playful so Daum said they struggled to get them all to cooperate so they came up with a brilliant idea.

“This year, we could not get the kids to look the same direction so we grabbed our unicorn costumes out of the basement. I am unicorn and my sister Jenny Stockburger is the gorilla,” Daum said.

Image capture of video shared by Good Morning America

Wearing the costumes, the two moved and made silly noises to get the attention of the kids. Finally, they got the perfect shot for their mom’s Christmas card.

Do you have tricks you can share to make children cooperate for a snapshot? Would help a lot. Lol

Source: Good Morning America  Yahoo