Being a Poor Farmer’s Son Did Not Stop this Filipino Inventor from Achieving His Dreams

His family was poor as with everyone else around them yet poverty did not stop Dado Banatao from working hard to achieve his dreams.

Although they were poor, his father did not want him to quit school and help in the fields like his other classmates. Instead of stopping school after graduating sixth grade just like everyone else, he was sent to a high school far from their village in northern Philippines. Feeling inferior from his classmates who came from more developed areas, Banatao studied hard while they played.

He also had to work twice as hard in college but he was able to earn a degree in engineering – a first in their village!

As an engineer, he wanted to design things but the Philippines had not place for someone like him. So, he went to the US. There, he studied further and was accepted in a good company.

Banatao would later invent something that proved to be very useful to modern computers and could be found in ALL computers today: a PC chipset!

From a poor farmer’s son who was likely to have become a farmer, Banatao became a great man with a great invention. It was the fulfillment of his dreams! But he did not stop there…

Watch how he is changing the lives of poor people in the Philippines, people who were just like him in his youth. What a wonderful man!