Being Handicapped Didn’t Stop This Old Man from Trying to Earn a Living for His Family

We do a lot of complaining in life, not realizing that we are still far luckier than half of the world’s population – and many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters are doing their best to live in this world and raise their families despite their troubles.

One of these admirable people is a yet unnamed old man who was photographed selling some snack items attached on his wheelchair! Despite his handicap, he did not let his troubles get him; instead, he made use of what was available to him – his wheelchair – to earn a decent living for his family!

Photo credit: Facebook/Pinoy Radio Online
Photo credit: Facebook/Pinoy Radio Online

This admirable old man did not just rely on people’s pity to feed himself and his family. This makes him an excellent example to beggars – especially able-bodied ones…

Kudos to you, Sir! May you be blessed a thousandfold.

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