‘Billionaire’ Groom Runs Away during Reception, Leaves Bride with Huge Debt

When 30-year-old Nat met 50-year-old Da, she thought she finally found the man of her dreams. But she would end up with a huge debt when he left her after the wedding – and he didn’t even stay long enough to finish the reception.

Claiming to be a billionaire who owns a company operating chartered flights between Thailand and Hong Kong, Da quickly fell in love with Nat when they first met last March. Living in a one-story house in Salaeng Tone of Prakhon Chai district in Thailand, the young lady was impressed by the wealth of her much older boyfriend.

Photo credit: Aui Doungruethai / Facebook

He is often in out of town or heading to Hong Kong to attend to his business, but Da would soon propose marriage to Nat – and she said “yes!”

Because he claimed to have a lot of money, never once did Da stop Nat from anything she wanted to include in their lavish wedding.

Photo credit: Aui Doungruethai / Facebook

Da even personally met Wasant Thepnakhon, the owner of Alvarez Hotel in Buri Ram where the wedding will be held. Introducing himself as a billionaire who owns a private airline serving chartered flights, Da managed to also trick Wasant into thinking he was for real.

Knowing he’s dealing with a billionaire, Wasant did not even question when Da did not offer a down payment. Surely, the billionaire had a lot of money to pay everything in cash on the lavish wedding day.

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The party was even organized by a popular professional team flown all the way from Bangkok, Thailand.

The extravagant party was everything a bride could ever dream of – and Nat had her Cinderella moment at the grand hotel. It was truly the wedding of her dreams!

No one questioned why the groom only had 10 friends with him and his parents weren’t even around; but at 50 years old, many didn’t really expect that his parents were still alive or would be present at his wedding.

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Everything went smoothly throughout the ceremony. The groom even seemed so happy during the event and he gamely posed for the photographers they also hired for the big event.

In the middle of the reception, however, the groom received a very important phone call that had him rushing to Hong Kong to attend to urgent business needs. He took with him the cheque for Nat’s dowry worth 1.6 million baht ($52,700) that he cashed in just some minutes after away from the reception.

Photo credit: Aui Doungruethai / Facebook

Nat never saw Da again, but she’s left with a huge debt. Not only was she facing problems with the bank over the overdraft, she also has to pay the 3.5 million baht ($115,400) they spent for the wedding!

Coming from a family that didn’t really have a lot of money, the amount left the bride with huge financial troubles. Everyone is running after her because she was the one who faced most of the suppliers and the wedding coordinator – and Da was nowhere to be seen!

She thought she would become rich and wouldn’t even have to worry about the huge dowry she gave to Da, but she ended up getting scammed by her ‘billionaire’ groom…

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