Birthday Invitation Win or Fail? Teenager Becomes an Instant Celebrity after Dad’s Invitation Video to Her Birthday Party Goes Viral

Remember the birthday invitation that got trolled online and over a million vowed to attend it? The actual guests aren’t even close but the thousands who attended it are still quite a lot of people.

If you have not read about it, Cresencio Ibarra, a Mexican, sent an online invitation early December for her daughter Rubi’s 15th birthday on the 26th. The father later admitted that the invitation was only intended for their own locality but it caught fire online.

Rubi was mobbed by the guests and media people when she arrived at the venue. Photo: AP
Photo: AP
Photo: AP

On the actual day, thousands of ‘invited’ guests arrived including a lot of members from the local media. When Rubi arrived for the mass and the celebration, she was immediately mobbed by the guests and media people. She was pictured with a sad and worried face and was probably overwhelmed by the sudden attention.

Rubi looks overwhelmed by the attention and the number of guest. Photo: EPA

She was later pictured smiling at the guests and it was probably isn’t so bad after all.

Photo: Facebook
Rubi danced with her father Cresencio Ibarra. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

You may watch again the ‘public’ invitation video below and you decide if the whole thing is a win or a fail.