Black Knight Satellite No More, ‘Alien’ Satellite Allegedly Gets Shot Down from the Sky

Satellites orbiting the world are just common since most large nations have already launched their own satellites into space.  However, a number of conspiracy theorists believe that the oldest existing satellite wasn’t launched by human but by aliens, using it to spy on us!

black knight satellite
Image captured from YouTube

Recently a news report came in, claiming that the Black Knight satellite (oldest satellite) was shot down by the Illuminati.  It is said that the Black Knight was blasted by one of the airplanes of the Illuminati Group.

“It orbited Earth over a period of 13,000 years, until it was shot down yesterday,” stated the Daily Mail.

Alien specialists claimed that it has been there for over 13,000 years.  It is believed that aliens are the ones that built it and, then, used it for surveillance to spy on us.

Much like the notorious Planet X, the alleged satellite has long been a part of UFO lore due to various accounts of mysterious objects being spotted orbiting the Earth.

Eventually, these seemingly unrelated stories congealed into the Black Knight satellite legend after NASA photographed a dark anomalous shuttle object during a space shuttle mission,” stated Coast to Coast AM.

History tells us that Nicola Tesla was the one who first discovered it but didn’t know what is was.  NASA believed that it is just a space junk that got there somehow but they don’t know exactly where it came from.

Recent footage shows a large object being shot down from the sky, most people believe it to be the famous Black Knight satellite.

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