Blind 20-Year-Old Skateboarder Proves That Nothing is Impossible with Determination and Perseverance

Some people would think that when you go blind, your life would be put on hold because you’re lacking one of the most important sense in a person – sight. But this 20-year-old skateboarder proves that he still can do things that normal people do, even better.

Marcelo Lusardi, who is also known as “The Blind Rider”, was diagnosed with Leber herediraty optic neuropathy (LHON), an incurable genetic disorder caused by mutations in mitochondrial DNA. He first lost sight in his right eye and soon after, the doctors informed him that LHON had affected his left eye as well; from then, he went completely blind.

With this, he became depressed because he couldn’t imagine living without sight. Luckily, his father’s friend helped him accept his condition and not give up.

Image by Marcelo Lusardi via Instagram

He then started visiting the skate park where he used to hang out with his friends and try different tricks. Marcelo remembers telling his pals that he was still one of them and that he had to get back on skateboard. Fortunately, he was able to find strength to ride again; only this time, teaching himself to skate with no sight.

Image: Oddity Central

Speaking with Surferrule, he said that when you can see, everything seemed to be easy when it comes to skating but now, with his condition, everything changed. He must first inspect and familiarize himself with his surroundings before he can skate or perform tricks. Sounds also helped him a lot. Using sounds, it would give him a valuable information; such as if he is already close with bank ramps and other elements. He sometimes uses his cane as well. Wow!

Image by Marcelo Lusardi via Instagram

With the support of his family and friends, he can now confidently skate and perform tricks.

He still hopes that there will be a cure to his illness and he could regain his sight but for now, he is making the best of his situation and inspiring people in the process.