Blindfolded Martial Artist Hits Volunteer with Sledgehammer in a Public Stunt that Went Wrong

Warning: Do not try this at home or in the streets!

A ‘master’ martial artist failed to impress when he hits a volunteer in the side of the head in an extremely dangerous public stunt. Luckily, the man was not seriously hurt.

During the Sikh festival in India, a video captured a blindfolded man performing a stunt of hitting melons and canned drinks on the ground using a heavy sledgehammer. To make the stunt difficult, three volunteers are seen lying on the ground with the target objects around them.

Things seem to be going pretty well when he started on the first volunteer. He smashed all the objects including one dangerously placed between the legs. It was pretty impressive when he suddenly hit the second volunteer in the side of his head.

The stunt was stopped immediately and the spectators rushed to help the victim. Luckily, the man seems not to be seriously hurt but it was not clear if the man has suffered lasting injuries due to the incident.

May this incident be a lesson to all wannabe daredevils.

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