Blogger Wants to Buy This Guy’s Wife for $110k in Creepy Social Experiment… His Response is Crazy!

A couple had just finished doing some shopping when a guy in a business suit approached them, offering first $10k for the man’s wife, then upped the price to $100 when the man initially refused. The woman could not believe that her husband would willingly sell her to this guy, no matter how good and clean-looking he might be.

The husband actually mulled ‘selling’ his wife – after all, this guy (blogger/vlogger Joey Salads) was offering him the money in exchange for just one night with her. He wasn’t even very much concerned about what this other guy would do to his wife as long as he gets his hands on the money which, upon close inspection, actually looked all legit.

The social experiment is just so crazy and just might lead to the couple’s divorce – after all, what wife would be happy that her husband would willingly sell her to a stranger, even if they could certainly use the money.

But the craziest thing actually happened when the husband finally agreed to take the money ($110k final price) in exchange for his wife…

Buying Someones Wife For $100k (Social Experiment)

Buying Someones Wife For $100k (Social Experiment)
Would you sell your wife? How Much?

Posted by Joey Salads on Friday, June 24, 2016