Boaters Were Watching Seagulls Feeding When These Majestic Creatures Appeared…

While enjoying the lovely scenery just a few nautical miles from the shoreline, some boaters were observing the seagulls quickly flocking to the area located close to their boat when the sea treated them to a spectacular sight: a pod of humpback whales breaching just a few feet away!

According to Fox News, Bradley Rich and his friend Tony Flanders were just fishing off the coast of Seward, Alaska when the spectacular event happened. Bradley was so overcome with excitement that he went into a fit of giggles, screaming, “I hear them…. Oh My GOD! They’re right in front of us!

Though the pod almost knocked their boat over, the vessel righted itself while the shocked sailors continued giggling at the excitement of watching those whales breaching right before their eyes. It was also a good thing they captured the moment on camera or no one would probably believe it actually happened.

This is truly an incredible display of nature! They are so lucky. Watch the fantastic video here: