Born with His Heart Outside His Ribcage, One Guy Defies the Odds and Lives to Adulthood

The doctors had given him only one day to live after seeing that his heart is located outside his ribcage yet this Indian boy has defied the odds and has lived to adulthood, even turning 18 this year!

Arpit Gohil from Gujarat, India has been hailed as a medical miracle because doctors deemed that he had no chance of survival yet he proved them wrong, anyway.

Of course, he has to be extra careful compared with other people since he could die if he falls on his heart. He must always stay away from sharp objects and probably shouldn’t be fighting with someone as a punch in the stomach could bring his early *****. Still, all these potential problems did not hinder Gohil from living a normal life.

Today, he even helps at his family’s farm; though, I suppose, he has to stay away from the farm animals with horns!

Check out this miracle man in this video:

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Caters TV

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