Born with Two Faces, This Miracle Baby Survives the Odds to Celebrate 13th Birthday

Born with two faces, Tres Johnson faced a lot of difficulties since birth, including cognitive delays and breathing difficulties. He also suffered from seizures regularly but while doctors told his parents he wouldn’t survive, he actually proved them all wrong – and had recently celebrated his 13th birthday!

Johnson was born in Missouri, USA with a rare condition caused by what’s known as the Sonic the Hedgehog (SHH) gene which altered the formation of his skull. This led to the boy having two separate nostrils, a large cleft, an abnormally shaped head, and eyes that were far apart from each other.

Photo credit: Brandy Johnson / Caters News Agency

In fact, his eyes were so far apart and angled differently that he actually sees peripherally, more like what animals such as cows and fish do instead of how humans see.

Photo credit: Brandy Johnson / Caters News Agency

According to mother Brandy Johnson, doctors were ready to let the boy pass away but she and her husband fought hard to keep him alive, pleading for doctors to try their best to save the boy. They were told not to expect much but he’s clearly defied the odds.

The young boy has undergone multiple surgeries, including one to close the cleft palate and another to reshape his skull. They had also tried alternative treatments, such as cannabis oil treatment. The latter had greatly improved his health, leading to the reduction of his seizures from 400 to 40 a day.

Photo credit: Brandy Johnson / Caters News Agency

Because he had multiple cysts in his brain, his cognitive development was greatly affected so that at age 13, he still has the mental age of an infant.

So many people that see what happened to our son, think of it as a tragedy but before I thought my son was going to die yet he’s still with us today, to me that’s all that matters,” his  mother revealed.

I’ve heard every comment you can imagine over the years, from ‘kill it’, ‘put him down’ to being called ‘selfish’ for keeping him alive. After so many years I’ve just had to swallow my pride, try to stay calm and explain my son’s condition to them.

Photo credit: Brandy Johnson / Caters News Agency

He might be a tragedy to other people but his parents believe he is their big miracle! Do you think it was ‘selfish’ of them to keep him alive?

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