Boss Prepares Awesome Surprise for Dedicated Worker Who Never Missed a Day of Work Despite having ******

Despite suffering from ****** and undergoing long hours of treatment, Veronica Solis never missed a day of work at Kids’ College Learning Center in Edinburg, Texas where she works as cleaner and cook; however, she does arrive late most of the time because most of her money goes to treatment so she lost her car and a number of possessions.

One day, she tearfully told boss Alex Rios to find a replacement for her as she could not bear being always late; although she would have wanted to stay but was embarrassed that she never gets to work on time.

Instead of getting angry and finding a replacement for Veronica, however, Alex had something else in mind. Considering that Veronica had long been a dedicated worker of the learning center, he thought it would do everyone good if he does something about her transportation problems.

So, under the guise that they are filming an ad for the school, the boss prepared a wonderful surprise for his dedicated employee. This is so beautiful…

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SF Globe

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