Boy **** after Accidentally Getting Buried at the Beach, Gets Revived by Passing Tourists

A group of kids were just having a good time at a beach in Newport Beach, California as they tried to bury themselves under the sand as kids and even adults are wont to do at the beach. Without warning, however, the hole collapsed on a 3-year-old boy and buried him alive.

Quickly, the other kids frantically tried to dig him out of the hole but they were just too small to accomplish the rescue mission by themselves. Sadly, in their haste to free their friend, no one thought of shouting for help from the adults.

Photo credit: Michael Coghlan / Flickr - SF Globe
Photo credit: Michael Coghlan / Flickr – SF Globe

Thankfully, a passing tourist who was helping a mom look for her missing son saw the boys digging at the hole. Thirty five-year-old Jesse Martin was enjoying a family reunion when he heard two women asking for help about a missing boy. Jesse immediately asked his uncles Steve and Stuart Frost to help out.

Upon seeing the boys, Jesse’s gut instinct told him they were actually trying to rescue the same boy he was looking for. So, he jumped into the hole to help.

Jesse and his uncles were able to dig out the boy but he was already **** by then.

Photo credit: Jesse Martin / OC Register
Photo credit: Jesse Martin / OC Register

We started digging and Jesse found this little boy … and pulled him out. He was ash gray. He was ****. He was ****,” Stuart recalled. “So we pulled him out and the mom was just beside herself.

They quickly performed CPR on the child – and revived him! The child was quickly taken to the hospital where, thankfully, he was declared safe and is now recovering from the horrifying ordeal he had gone through…

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