Boy Gets Stuck in a Monument in an Attempt to Capture a ‘Throwback’ Photo

In an attempt to recreate a photo he took when he was 2 years old, Max Morgan, now 7, got stuck for nearly 3 hours in a stone monument.


His family were at Wightwick Manor, a Victorian estate near Wolverhampton, England. He has a photo standing inside the National Trust stone monument that was captured by his mother when he was 2 years old.

‘Throwback photo’ is a trend after all so they decided to recreate the scenario. However, things didn’t go well as he is now lot bigger than when he has 2 years old. He went inside the 3-feet deep hole but his knees got stuck when he crouched down inside.

Photo: West Midlands Fire Service

The staff at the manor attempted to pull-out Max but they were unsuccessful. His mother, Jana, decided to call the fire department for help. Because of the complexity of the entrapment, the rescuers have no choice but to slice open the monument. Max was finally freed after almost 3 hours.

According to Jana, “Max was losing the feeling in his toes and is also claustrophobic, so he was panicking.” Luckily, he only got bruises on that incident and was treated immediately.

Photo: West Midlands Fire Service

It was unclear if they have managed to recreate the childhood photo but they created one very unforgettable memory for sure.