Boy Goes Viral for Going Out of His Way to Help Sister Get Water from Drinking Fountain

As his sister was too short to reach the drinking fountain inside a shopping center, one young lad went out of his way to help her get water – by getting on his hands and knees so she could climb on his back and be tall enough to reach the drinking fountain!

The young lad’s gentlemanly behavior caught the internet by storm, with thousands of people commenting how he was truly raised well by his parents and that he would surely become a wonderful gentleman when he grows up.

Shared on Facebook page, Love What Matters, the photo has gained over 68k likes and 6.5k shares.

Photo credit: E.T. / Love What Matters - Facebook
Photo credit: E.T. / Love What Matters – Facebook

Some social media users also shared their own stories of how they have witnessed the same thing or even did the same thing for others…

What a wonderful kid! This photo shows us that chivalry is definitely not ****! Go, kid!

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