Boy invites classmates to witness his adoption

  • A boy warmed the hearts of Facebook users after he brought his entire class to witness his adoption
  • His classmates, who were seated at the back, were holding paper hearts to show support to their friend
  • Michael’s foster parents became his forever parents that day

A Kindergarten won the hearts of social media users when he brought all his classmates to witness his adoption in a court in Michigan.

Image via James Starks | Twitter

Kent County, Michigan posted the heartwarming photo of Michael together with his foster parents and his classmates who were holding up paper hearts on sticks.

The caption reads: “Michael brought his entire kindergarten class with him today to witness his adoption.” The post now has 46k reactions and has been shared 113k times.

Fox 8 reported that the day Michael gathered all his classmates was the court’s annual Adoption Day and 37 children, including the young boy was one of them.

This makes Michael’s foster parents of about a year officially his forever parents. It seems like Michael is very happy about the adoption. In fact, Good Morning America reported that he interrupted an interview with his adoptive father to say “I love my daddy. I love my daddy so much.”

Image via James Starks | Twitter

Facebook users surely loved Michael as well.

“Literally said “awww!” out loud when I saw those little faces! Too cute! I love how casual Michael is too,” Jade Nelson commented. Cassie Lockwood agreed; saying there was no shortage of love in the room.

“This is incredible! There is no shortage of love in this room, that’s for sure. Congrats to Michael, all of his friends, and his new family,” she said.

Others also thanked Michael’s teacher for allowing the class to witness the adoption.

“Kudos to the teacher for making it happen and not just brushing it off,” Janie Hamilton  said. Karen Adeniyi, on the other hand, wished that all adoptees would experience what Michael experienced.

“It takes a village! Much respect and love for the teacher and school. I wish all adoptees could experience this level of love and support.”

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