Boy Nearly **** after Neck Got Pierced on Gate He Climbed to Visit His Friend

More often than not, kids do not really do as they are told and have a mind of their own to do things their way. While that is not always a bad thing, it could sometimes lead to deep trouble – and could even cost them their life!

One such boy nearly died after he climbed over a gate estimated to be about 3 meters high, near his home in Chachoengsao, Thailand, so he could visit his friend.

Photo credit: Natarit Noonpradate / SWNS

According to witness Natarit Noonpradate, 11-year-old Tharathep Wanacharoenlap often climbs that gate to see his friend but this time, he somehow lost his footing because it had rained; thus, got his neck pierced by the rusty spikes!

Wanacharoenlap held on to dear life as he waited for someone to see him at the gate. He was quite lucky that some 10 minutes later, a neighbor spotted him hanging on the gate and rushed to save him. Other neighbors soon held him up while others called for emergency services.

Photo credit: Natarit Noonpradate / SWNS

An ambulance arrived and medics rushed to save him. He was soon removed from the gate and brought to the hospital. Doctors said he was quite lucky that the spike did not hit a major artery or vein as he could have bled to ***** rather quickly!

Photo credit: Natarit Noonpradate / SWNS

As of press time, Wanacharoenlap is out of danger and expected to be discharged from the hospital soon. We all hope he does not do this stunt ever again!