Boy Needs a Mom to Get His School Card, Hires a ‘Mommy’ Through a Dating App

People sometimes turn to dating apps if they want to meet other people to start a romantic relationship with. But not for a primary school boy in China, who used the said dating app to hire someone to pose as his mother and attend a parent-teacher meeting.

The woman, whom the boy chatted with, shared their conversation in another mobile application, WeChat. Apparently, she received an order through the dating app, Single, that offers 500 yuan ($75) for her to spend time with the person who made the order. Soon, she found out that her client is a young boy, who asked her to pretend as his mother in a meeting to be held at his school.

The boy’s father is unable to attend school activities such as parent-teacher meetings because he was usually away on a business trip. For this reason, the boy looked for other ways to have someone attend the said meeting on his behalf.

However, it was not confirmed whether the woman went on with it and attended the school meeting.

Image from Pixabay

When the woman’s post became viral, netizens could not help but express their distress over the boy’s parents who do not have time for him. Some even commented that the father prioritizes making money while ignoring his child’s growth and education.

On a lighter note, some netizens shared that they also did the same thing when they were still in school. One even said that he attempted to hire a lady selling ice cream outside their school to attend a parent-teacher conference.