Boy with Cerebral Palsy was Determined to Finish the Race. So, His Gym Teacher and Classmates Did This…

Eleven-year-old Matt Woodrum has cerebral palsy which limits his body movements. Still, this did not hinder him from joining a 400-meter race with his classmates – working hard to keep up with their pace. Mom made sure to capture his attempt on camera.

His condition made it difficult for him to move; thus, he was soon lagging behind. Instead of making him stop, his gym teacher began jogging along with the young boy, offering encouragements to fuel his drive to reach the finish line.

Matt’s classmates also took notice. They quickly ran towards him, cheering and shouting for him to continue the race. Empowered by this huge crowd of supporters, Matt moved with renewed strength and determination.

Everyone was with him every step of the way – until he reached the finish line! Afterwards, his mother could hardly reach him as his crowd of fans and supporters gave him hugs and high-fives. This was truly a touching moment. These young kids and their coach did the best thing for Matt.

Check out the touching moment in this video: