Boy with Leukemia Spends Money for His Treatment on a Mobile Game

Lai Donghong is a mother from Guangzhou in Southern China’s Guangdong Province who has a son diagnosed with leukemia since May last year. Since then, the boy Taotao has undergone several medical treatments and their hospital expenses racked up to more than $499,000 ($79,000).

She sought the help of her relatives and non-profit organizations so she can raise the amount she needed for her son’s treatment. She was eventually able to do so successfully.

So, she went to the hospital to settle their bill. She was about to pay but, to her surprise, she found out that there was no money left in her account. She immediately went to the bank and sought police assistance to find out what happened to her money.

Upon investigation, they found out that there have been several transactions amounting to 150,000 yuan ($23,000) to account holder named ‘King of Glory.’ Upon hearing such name, she immediately realized that it was her 10-year-old son, Taotao, who made the transactions and used up all her money.

Image from Beijing Evening News

Reports said that the boy saw how his mother used the money transfer feature of WeChat and did the same as he transferred the money from his mom’s account, to his own social media account, and to his mobile. He didn’t realize, though, that was he is playing with is, actually, real money.

Lai reached out to Tencent, the developer of King of Glory, and managed to retrieve two-thirds of the amount her son spent on the mobile game.

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