Boy Writes Heartbreaking Note on Box of Stuffed Toy His Mom Couldn’t Afford, Receives Surprise Days Later

A 10-year-old boy who wanted a stuffed panda was told by his mother to wait until payday because she couldn’t afford to buy it right that day but because it was the last one in stock, the boy thought of a way to ask people not to buy it so the stuffed toy would still be there when his mother finally has money.

Using a pen, Leon Ashworth wrote a heartfelt note on the box to warn others not to buy the stuffed panda because it will make him cry. He told the other shoppers that his mom actually plans on buying him the stuffed panda which he already named as Pandy by payday the following week, June 15.

Photo credit: David Bateman / Facebook

My mum [doesn’t] have [enough] money, so she’s [buying] me Pandy [Friday] next week 15 June. So please don’t [buy] him, it will make me cry. Thank you so much from Hopeful [Future] Owner. Panda’s name – Pandy!” the boy wrote.

His mom had no idea that the boy had written on the stuffed toy’s box but was surprised when the note went viral after staff at the store, an Asda outlet in Liverpool, England posted photos of the panda and the note.

Photo credit: David Bateman / Facebook

Debbie Ashworth immediately recognized her son’s handwriting and knew that it was him who wrote the note, especially because of the circumstances revealed there. Asda invited the two back at the store where the boy received a surprise from the staff!

Pooling their own resources, the Asda staff decided to buy the £15 ($20) toy for the boy. The gesture was revealed to have been timely after Debbie revealed that she’s been struggling for months after losing a premature baby boy last January.

Leon must have felt closer to Pandy because he lost his baby brother… Kudos to the staff of Asda for making this family happy!

Photo credit: David Bateman / Facebook

Debbie would later reveal that Leon suggested for them to make a donation to Honeysuckle Bond, charity that provides support for parents and siblings following the loss of a baby. It’s definitely a happy ending for everyone.