Boys Discover They are Brothers After Meeting at the Public Pool

When two boys, Dakotah Zimmer and Isaac Nolting, met as friends and began playfully fighting by the swimming pool, their respective friends joked how much the two of them look alike and that they were “fighting like brothers”.

Although the joke was quite innocent, it sparked something inside them. They soon began asking questions and even watched each other closely, discovering they had the same nose and did look quite similar.

Thirteen-year-old Dakotah admitted he had a younger brother who was adopted by a woman named Dawn. This amazed 12-year-old Isaac whose mother’s name is Dawn.

Back home, the two asked a lot of questions. Soon, Isaac discovered he was adopted. What amazed them both is that they were just living some 12 miles apart. And guess what? There were plenty of pictures of them as young boys playing together!

Now that they discovered they are real siblings, how’s the sibling rivalry? Watch the video to find out…