Brad Pitt is Not the Same as He was Before

Remember Brad Pitt from his younger days wherein he was one of the most gorgeous guys on TV?  Well, he is nothing like that anymore.

brad pitt before
Image by Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, he is not the same as he was before.  Some people saw him walking over the weekends in Los Angeles. The actor has a slender figure, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and denim jeans.

brad pitt
Image by Daily Mail

Brad Pitt was locking himself in his studio while nursing his broken heart because of his split with Angelina Jolie. Pitt hasn’t been seen for a while as he was working on a sculpture which is under the guidance of his friend, British artist Thomas Houseago.

Some people say that he was listening to some sad songs while working on the project.

Then, again, the weight loss might be part of his onscreen comeback as would be filming a movie this coming July.  In the movie, Ad Stra, his role would be an autistic engineer whose father left when he was young to try and find extra-terrestrial life on Neptune.

His character’s task is to travel the solar system to find his long-lost father.

“It’s kind of a Heart of Darkness story about traveling to the outer edge of our solar system. I have a lot of hopes for it but it is certainly ambitious… It starts shooting July 17th, so not too far away. I’m filled with terror, but that’s fine,” said filmmaker James Gray.

He noted that Pitt was the guy that sent him the book which inspired the whole film.

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Daily Mail

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