Brain Surgery Patient’s Classmates Shaved Their Heads to Show Support

A student who goes by the surname Yap slipped and fell from his motorcycle on April 19. As a result of the blow in his head, a blood clot formed in his brain and a surgery is needed to remove the said clot.

Because of his upcoming operation, Yap’s head needed to be shaved. However, he slipped into a coma just after his surgery. Thankfully, he woke up and is already recuperating.

Classmates describe Yap as someone who likes to cheer up everyone. However, he is very particular about his hair so they knew that he felt terrible when he had to shave his head bald because other students would poke fun at him.

So, to show their support for their friend, Zhuo, one of Yap’s classmates, assembled a group of 10 male classmates, and together, they shaved their heads.

Image from Sinchew

Zhuo said that if there will be other students who will laugh at Yap, then, they should laugh at them, too.

Yap was touched after seeing what his friends did for him, as some of those who went bald for him have not yet sported that hairstyle before.

Image from SInchew

The school headmaster was impressed by what the young men did and said that he is proud that these students have shown sympathy and team spirit, especially now that their friend is in need.