Brave Russian Man Saves Dog from Frozen Lake Despite Being Bitten in the Process

Would you dare save a dog that fell into a body of water even if it isn’t yours? Well, one man did just that – and was getting bitten in the process but he persisted even if this was not his dog!

A video of the exciting rescue was shared by a certain Alexander Levashov on YouTube.

In the video, the dog can be seen helplessly trying to get out from the lake, to no avail. Then, a man could be seen running towards the helpless creature. As he tried to help the dog out, the scared creature tried to bite him in fear but he persisted.

Screenshot from video by Alexander Levashov / YouTube
Screenshot from video by Alexander Levashov / YouTube

People could be heard cheering and possibly encouraging him to go although you could also sense the fear in their voices.

Luckily, after a few tries, the man was finally able to free the dog by catching his collar and pulling him out of the water. It was clear that the dog didn’t know the man and simply walked away after the rescue.

But was enough for the man that the dog was safe. He laughed and smiled at his friends filming the scene as he went back to retrieve his clothes.

Watch the rescue here:

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