Brave Singaporean Man Saves Poor Distressed Puppy from Busy Road in Singapore

A Singaporean man went viral after he saved a poor terrified dog who was wandering on Upper Thomson Road while motorists were trying to avoid the poor dog.

Facebook user Sunita Parhar posted the video and said that they were driving down the Upper Thomson Road when they saw the poor puppy who seemed to be lost in the middle of the road. She described the dog looking ‘distressed’ luckily. A kind man approached the dog and picked him up.

Screengrab from Sunita Parhar via Facebook

“So we were driving down Upper Thomson Road and this poor puppy was running in the middle of the road. Poor guy looked so distressed. We were wondering how to help him when a really kind man stepped out and picked him up. Thank you, Sir!” Sunita wrote.

Sunita’s post was re-uploaded by a Facebook page Fabrications about the PAP that suddenly made the man and his kind gesture viral.

Screengrab from Sunita Parhar via Facebook

Currently, the post has 260,000 views and over 4,200 shares.

Netizens expressed their thoughts on the comments of the page.

“Can we locate him? Find out his address? Know where he is staying? Can we ‘ viral’ him and spread the good he did? God Bless you sir!” one netizen commented.

“How nice if people are willing to do this to another human being not just to animals, definitely this kindness is very rare to our society indeed, kudos man for this wonderful spirit,” another netizen commented.

Screengrab from Sunita Parhar via Facebook

What could happen if the man didn’t rescue the poor pooch? Whew!

This just goes to show that even though it’s just a stray animal, he still deserves to be loved and taken care of. It’s really heartwarming to see that there are still Good Samaritans out there.

Unfortunately, the identity of the man remains unknown; nevertheless, he is still a hero.