Brave Swimmers Save Injured Shark…Incredible! I Would Have Ran Away

Most of us would run away from danger if we see a shark’s dorsal fin coming our way – that is, of course, logical as there have been plenty of deadly shark attacks reported in the news, especially in recent weeks.

Yet there are people who are brave enough to face danger, swimming towards the shark instead of going away!

For instance, there’s this group of swimmers who found an injured hammerhead shark with a fishing line stuck at its snout. Instead of running away from the potentially cranky animal, they struggled to keep it immobile so they can remove the offending hook and line.

After a few minutes, the hook was finally off and the group let the shark swim free. As if to say, “thank you”, the creature swam back to the shallow water where it also allowed one of the rescuers to pat its body. It was both terrifying and touching to watch. I’m glad this ended well.

Watch the incredible rescue and the shark’s “thank you” gesture in this video: