Brazil’s Tallest Man Falls in Love with a Tiny Woman

Dubbed as the “Gentle Giant”, Joelison Fernandes da Silva stands 7’ 8”. He receives unwelcome attention from people who just could not get enough of his size – and the fact that he is often seen hand in hand with a tiny woman who is now his wife, Evem Medeiros.

The huge size difference between the two is enough to make people ask a lot of questions that Joelison has learned to deal with without getting angry.

For Joelison, it did not feel weird to have Evem as his wife; though she had been a bit shocked by the almost 3-feet difference in their height the first time they met in person (they met and first dated online). Even his father-in-law is shocked by his size when he visited Evem at her home.

Evem’s dad was cool about Joelison but Joelison’s mom is yet to come to terms with the fact that her giant son is not anymore under her care as he is already married. The jealous mom is vocal about her ill feelings towards Evem, saying she hated how she has to share Joelison with another woman.

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