Bride Expresses Frustration over Awful Bridal Makeup, Kind Photographer Offers Surprise Package for Free

A bride who expressed her frustration over the awful bridal makeup she received from a nearby shop found herself going viral on social media. This would actually be a blessing because a kind photographer offered her a surprise package that corrected the error and gave her the best wedding photos she could ever dream of…

While Darika Klinkuhlab was planning for her wedding in Chai Nat, Thailand, a new bridal shop opened near her home. Because the bridal shop also offered wedding packages, Darika decided to avail of their services even if they didn’t have samples to show yet as she was going to be among their very first brides.

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But on the day of the wedding, things did not go as planned. She was made to wait 3 hours to get the makeup done. The results were awful, too! It seemed that the makeup artists at that bridal shop were newbies still practicing how to apply makeup.

By the time the makeup was finished, she looked far from the dashing bride she was but more of a young girl trying to play with her mom’s makeup set. Sadly, there was no time to correct the error or find a new makeup artist because she was already very late for the wedding.

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Even her husband’s makeup made him appear like he was going to his own funeral, not a wedding. Sigh.

Darika and her husband just had to endure it all but the disappointed young bride could not help but post her frustrations on social media.

A lot of people sympathized with the young lady, saying she should get her money back for the awful makeup. Others suggested that she should just ask someone to photoshop the photos to make her look more elegant.

But Bangkok-based professional photographer Park Eun Young saw the photos and took pity on the bride. He offered a surprise package for the bride, complete with makeup artist, wedding costumes, and a professional photoshoot – all for free!

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At first, Darika declined because Bangkok was far from her hometown but Young and his team actually went to Chai Nat, much to the bride’s amazement.

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Thanks to Young, Darika finally got the wedding photos she so deserved to have. And you just can tell the huge difference between the awful wedding photos and the ones from the photoshoot.

Photo credit: Good Times

She actually looks like a model in these new shots, eh?

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