Bride Tosses Bridal Bouquet, Literally Brings the House Down

We all love weddings because we witness the couple’s genuine love for each other. It’s a special occasion filled with love and happiness.

There are several wedding tradition that we still practice today: like the couple would eat their cake for a sweet relationship, releasing doves for the purity of their relationship, and tossing the garter of the wife and the bouquet.

Husbands will get the garter from their wife’s legs and it will be up for grabs by the bachelors in the party. On the other hand, single ladies will gather for the bouquet toss. Whoever grabbed the items will be paired up for the night.

Image: Next Shark

The dashing bride is expected to be gentle in tossing their bouquet but this bride in China doesn’t take the tossing easy – she literally broke the ceiling using only her bouquet and everyone was dying of laughter.

A video showed the bride throwing up the wedding bouquet; however, it hit the ceiling. Instead of the guests trying to catch the bouquet, they started to run away because tiles are starting to fall down upon them.

This obviously made the people panic to avoid themselves getting injured.

“This is a special blessing. Whoever gets hit will be married within the year,” a netizen wrote in the comments as translated by Shanghaiist.

Surely this event will not be forgotten. LOL.

I’m sure that when the couple looks back to their wedding day, they have something to laugh about. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Watch the hilarious video below: