Bride Who was Adopted Reads Touching Letter Written by Mom While She was Still a Baby…

Beautiful bride Brooke could not help but cry while reading the letter her mom wrote while she was still 2 years old. Aside from the fact that it was an old, old letter, it was handwritten by her mom on a piece of cloth that was part of her own wedding gown! Truly, it holds such a great sentimental value.

What’s written on that piece of cloth was simple yet holds great meaning.

The bride’s parents are not her biological parents.

Craig and Sherry Blackledge had always wanted two kids: one boy and one girl. Fate had other plans, however. Still, the couple did not give up so easily. They adopted a boy.

Life was fun with Brian but something great happened several years later: Brooke arrived in the family after a pregnant woman turned to Sherry for help as she could not keep her baby. Brooke completed the couple’s lifelong wish!

While watching little Brooke sleep, Sherry’s heart was touched by this lovely baby. So, she wrote the child a letter which she planned to give on her wedding day.

Watch this video to find out what’s inside the letter: