British Man Still Uses a Nokia 3310, Says it Survived Wars and His Washing Machine

People these days enjoy large smartphones with better connectivity and selfie cameras but can you imagine someone still using a phone from the no-camera era?

Well, a man in Hull, Britain still uses his 17-year-old Nokia 3310, refusing to change the phone to newer models despite offers from his children to give him a smartphone.

Photo credit: Ross Parry / Metro UK

According to 49-year-old Dave Mitchell, he does receive a ribbing from his friends and colleagues because of his ancient phone but he just laughs at them especially when someone complains about a cracked screen on their expensive models.

A lot of people laugh at me but when push comes to shove their phones break much more easily. I try not to look too smug when I see someone with a cracked screen,” he mused.

He does have the right to laugh. After all, his trusted phone has survived several tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and Germany. But the phone did not just survive several wars, it also lived even after it was accidentally dipped in curry sauce, thrown and stepped on, and even after a spin in the washing machine!

I was given a newer phone with internet access by my son a few years ago but I just didn’t want it – my needs are very basic and the phone has a calculator and games like Snake 2 if I’m bored,” Mitchell revealed.

Who else here still plays Snake 2? LOL.

Photo credit: Ross Parry / Metro UK

He only needs to charge the phone about once a week.

The only downside to his old phone is that he pays for data he doesn’t even use because the mobile carriers in his country only offers bundled packages despite his repeated request for the company to remove the data plan because he’s just using a Nokia 3310. It would be a miracle to use the internet on that one!

Who else here has a phone as old as or older than Mr. Mitchell’s trusted Nokia 3310?