Bullied, This Man Finds Happiness in a Girl Who Sees Past His Size

It is so sad that people can be so judgmental, to the point that we laugh at those who don’t conform to our standard of beauty. For someone to be considered beautiful or handsome, there are things we put into consideration, including the size of the body, the color of the skin, and certain facial features.

A man named Kudi from Thailand had been bullied for most of his life, no thanks to his size. He has always been overweight, something that made him unpopular among his peers.

Photo credit: Incredible Nat

Bullies comment that he would never marry because no woman would ever fall in love with him.

But they were wrong – because they haven’t met Puwadol.

Despite Kudi being 265 lbs and Puwadol being just 97 lbs, she fell in love with Kudi wholeheartedly.

Photo credit: Incredible Nat

Kudi is so heavy he earned the nickname “Ball”, but that didn’t make Puwadol love him less…

I know he’s not good looking and fat, but he has a kind heart. That’s the most important thing,” she explained.

We share everything… happiness and sadness… and that’s the main thing.

People have been judgmental over their relationship, but the two just plain do not care.

Many people look at us and call Ball fat, but we do not care because I am in love with the person not just what he looks like,” Puwadol added.

Photo credit: Incredible Nat

Proving that she has eyes for no one else but Kudi, Puwadol married Kudi last year – and that’s after 10 years of being a couple! Truly, this is the mark of true love.

Photo credit: Incredible Nat

By the way, the two had a lovely daughter last December. Congratulations!