Burn Victim Who Stopped to Help Guy with Broken Down Car Receives Incredible Reward from Netizens

His car broke and he did not know how to change the spare tire. After waiting for hours for someone to help him, a very unlikely hero arrived to assist him: a guy who lost his home to a fire. But that’s not the only surprising trivia about this unlikely hero named Eric, not only did he lose his belongings to the fire that gutted his home, his body was also burned in the fire and he had spent almost a month in coma because of the incident!

He had passed by the broken down car earlier in the day but could not stop because he had an appointment for his therapy. When he saw the car still idling at the spot after his therapy session, he decided to help though he was in pain! What an amazing guy!

Since the guy whose car broke down was actually the prankster behind Hammy TV (and he actually knew how to change the tire but pretended he didn’t for the social experiment), he changed the tires himself as they spoke more about Eric’s experience.

Thousands of people were touched by Eric’s gesture. They soon reached out to help Eric through the crowd funding campaign set up for him some months ago. With the video going viral, the donations also shot up so quickly that the “Erics Angels” campaign on Go Fund Me received over $190,000 in total donations out of its $10,000 target back when it was launched by Vilma Crowley on June 28, 2015.

It is great how Eric’s good deed came back to him in such an amazing manner.

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