Burning These Leaves Inside Your Home Can Help You Relax and Forget Your Worries for a While

Many of us have bay leaves in our kitchens for use in various dishes – but did you know that these can also be used for other purposes aside from cooking? According to Russian scientist Gennady Malakhov, bay leaves have chemical properties that help reduce fatigue and stress!

Aside from helping you relax, bay leaves can also help you forget your worries for a while as you de-stress yourself from days of stress and sleepless nights.

Photo credit: Health and Natural House
Photo credit: Health and Natural House

What makes this aroma treatment awesome is that, not only are bay leaves cheap and readily available, you will only need 10 minutes to get this done! Talk about a swift solution to your regular problem…

To use bay leaves as natural anti-stress remedy, simply put a few dried bay leaves inside a shallow clay pot or on a container that wouldn’t burn or break with heat. Then, burn these for 10 minutes, ideally in the middle of your house. You’ll soon feel relaxed as the scent permeates across the room.

For best results, avoid distractions and sit or lie down so you can fully relax and feel at peace.

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