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Bus Driver Forgets the Most Important Person in the Bus: The Conductor

Riding a bus is one of the most convenient modes of transportation to get around Metro Manila. It is a vital part of the transportation system that supports the economy of the country and taking people from one place to another.

More Comfortable Mode of Transporation

Traveling by bus can be a bit slower than taking the MRT or cab but many people still prefer taking it since it is more convenient and more comfortable than taking the MRT. If you are a regular user of public transportation and takes the MRT during rush hours, chances are, you already experienced being stuffed like you’re in a can. You may also encounter irritating people pushing their way in and out of the train.

Meanwhile, taking a bus is cheaper and there is a higher probability that you will stay seated throughout your trip. Plus, you can rest while riding it. Let’s admit it: we prefer the bus because we can catch up on our sleep. Long commuting hours means a longer period of rest while you are seated comfortably or you can also watch a movie for free inside the air-conditioned buses.

But this story takes riding a bus to a different level.

You can sleep and take a rest while inside a bus. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Funny Story

If you are a frequent bus rider, you already know that in order to pay for the fare, the conductor will issue you a ticket. Without the conductor, bus companies cannot continue with the business. They are the ones getting passengers from the bus stop, issuing tickets, and getting the passenger’s payments.

However, a bus taking the Tungko to Baclaran route was fast moving that it forgot the most important person on the bus: the conductor!

[Image Credit: John Pabs Calizo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: John Pabs Calizo / Facebook]
The driver was not aware that he drove the bus without the conductor inside. The conductor was left in SM Fairview. Clueless about what’s happening, the driver asked the Facebook user John Pabs Calizo where his partner is!

Since there is no one to collect the fare, a lot of passengers rode the bus for free.

We are not sure if the conductor was able to reunite with the driver but this story surely made the day of many commuters.

[Image Credit: John Pabs Calizo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: John Pabs Calizo / Facebook]
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What’s your most memorable experience while riding a public transportation?